Sonstiges18.06.2015 19:00

Europe, The Promised Land? A Panel Discussion

With the situation for the citizens of many African and Arab states getting worse by the hour, the European Union is struggling to identify ways to overcome the refugee crisis. Join us to discuss these pressing issues with experts on the situation!

Once again, people leaving behind violence and destruction in their homes have died trying to reach Europe’s shores. As the situation around Europe gets worse, more and more desperate refugees set out to find respite from their day-to-day suffering and the danger of death. Yet, far from being the safe haven, Europe can only be reached after dangerous journeys by land and the Mediterranean. And once the EU has been reached, a warm welcome is very hard to find.
We want to hear from those directly concerned what drives human beings to leave their homes and risk their lives to get to a place that is struggling to cope with its own long-time crisis and in which refugees are often treated inhumanely.
Join our panel participants to discuss what is going on on the EU’s borders and within the Union. Our speakers will be Larry Macauly, Editor and Head Producer at Refugee Radio Network, Monika Steinhauser of the Münchner Flüchtlingsrat, and Benjamin Zeeb, PDU’s CEO. The panel will be moderated by Alexander Wragge, editor at Publixphere.

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